Yoga Lessons For Kids

Child's Pose Offers Yoga Instruction to Children
What are the benefits of Yoga for children (and adults too)?
    •    Improves concentration
    •    Develops strength flexibility
    •    Increases self confidence
    •    Nourishes creativity
    •    Builds coordination
    •    Calms the mind

Yoga sessions are generally 45mins - 1hr taught by certified Children's and Family Yoga Instructor Milan Symon. Milan has been Practicing Kundalini Yoga since 2006 and teaching children yoga since 2009. 

"I love teaching yoga to children! It is such an enriching exercise and experience. I have a background in visual art, dance and yoga. I love to use creative ways such as songs, dance, and games to engage children in a fun exploration of yoga! In class they will learn the fundamentals of yoga and then become little Yogis and Yoginis!" - Milan Symon

Other Reasons For Children To Practice Yoga:
Studies show that Children who practice Yoga are able to focus, engage, and excel academically. Children's Yoga promotes healthy development! And it's FUN!